Cougars News · IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week 4/27/2020

IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (4-27-2020). 

“Promoting education based athletics in Indiana”


In the past 30 days so much has changed for the modern day student-athlete. Hopefully everyone has adjusted to the on-line school work and feels comfortable with the new normal.  But how have you adjusted athletically?

If you play spring sports, I’m sure you have been disappointed knowing you can’t participate this year. However, let’s look ahead at what you can do to prepare for next school year.

While I’m sure your coaches are staying in touch, I still want to challenge you to look at your past season (regardless of the sport) and go back and analyze your strengths and weaknesses on those games and matches.

How do you do that? I would suggest that you look at videos of all your games. If you didn’t get to play quality minutes, watch the position you plan on playing this season. Look at what made your team excel. Look for where your team needs to improve. Put yourself in your coaches place as you jot down the things you need to improve on.

I’m a firm believer that you can improve as an athlete by watching others and then emulating what they do and how they do it. Now is the perfect time to get ready for next season. If you start now you will be ahead of the competition when your first day of practice arrives, and it will be here before you know it!

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