Multiple Teams · NPHS Main Gym Resurfacing Project







When NPHS students return to school on Wednesday they will find that another piece of the massive New Prairie High School renovation project has been completed.  The resurfacing of the main gym floor is now complete and families who attended Monday night’s open house had the opportunity to sneak a peak at the makeover that took five weeks to complete.

The process started with the gym floor being sanded down to the bare wood which removed all lines and logos.  Floor markings were measured out, stain was applied between the lane/three point lines and a coating of varnish was then allowed to cure.  Once dry, lines for the main basketball and volleyball courts along with the neutral colored auxiliary court lines were painted onto the floor.  Once dry, huge stencils featuring a large interlocking NP logo and two IHSAA logos were laid out and then painted into place.  Finally, two coats of varnish were spread over the court to seal in the paint and four new volleyball sleeve floor anchors were installed which allow for two courts to be set up opposite of the main court.  The new design provides a modern look and will be a source of pride for all NPHS students, fans and our community.


Be sure to check out the photo gallery showing a progression of the process in the link below:


NPHS Main Gym Resurfacing Project 8/5/19 (Photo Gallery)